Lady Ga Ga Songs

Hi Readers. Today I am going to make a list of lady gaga songs. First song. Bad Romance, Just Dance, Telephone, Love Game Boys Boys Boys, Poker face, Second time, Eh Eh Eh Nothing Else , Paparazzi. That is just a few of her songs! In this video i had the lyrics so I don’t have to write them down! weh! good thing it would of took for ever 😀  Enjoy Eastonh4

Love The Way You Lie

Hi Readers.  Today I am going to talk about Eminem & Riannah. I love both of their voices .  Eminem Has had very bad problems as a rapper.   He has been on drugs and been in trouble with the law.  He had trouble with his loved ones as well, it is not easy to be him.  I listen to his new song lately and its about him getting off drugs and starting    new.  His new song is called ” I’m not afraid “.  Riannah has done many & many songs such as:  Take a Bow ,  Cry , S.O.S.  In this song you might notice that it is about a couple, that are having some problems together.  I didn’t want to put on the real video because it is really inappropriate !  I like this ]song because it is very powerful to me.  It is sad and exciting  at the same time!  Eminem can rap like you can’t believe, he can make you cry then make you dry your eyes at the Exact second .  Eminem makes me  want to rap as well, rapping is really fun for me.  For people who has not tried it before, you should try it.  Its like your singing  and you can let your emotion out .


Billy Talent

Hi readers. Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite singers!  His name is Billy talent.  I chose this song that he sings because it is so powerful!  I love how much passion he puts in his writing as well.  If you really listen,  you can tell what he is talking about and understand what he is going through.  I love his music!  I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do!

C’ya Eastonh4

My Widgets

HI readers.  If you did not noticed the new widgets I put up the  other days, well you know now!  I have been looking for some really great Widgets lately.  I have found some and they are really cool!  I was just wondering if any of you know some good ones? I am really enjoying them too!   One I am looking for is a mouse widget and it follows the mouse…  Also I would like you guy to pick witch widget of mine you like . I would like to see some of the widgets you tried out as well! I have a favorite widget on my page.  It ha to be the Turtle ( Joe Joe ) and My Elf ( Smurf the Elf ).  They are just so COOL!  I want you readers to know that I will not make them a big Distraction .  It would make it so that you would not be focusing on the writing and what I am saying to you.  The Widgets might be cool, but keep on reading because I love to get comments 😀 . I also love to get feed back on my writing and what you want to hear more of. I am afraid to say this is the end of my post, please come back and read my other post’s.  C’ya

Eastonh4 😀 😀

Skim Boarding ( My Story )

On Monday I  got a nice new skim board from the Dollar Store and I wanted to try it out.  I grabbed my Skim board and asked my mom if we can go to the beach, just me and my brother.  She said sure, so she drove us to the beach.  As soon as we got there I felt a very big wind pick up from the water.  When my mom left my brother and I   went to try our new skim boards out.  Well when we tried it was impossible!  The wind would pick up and make our boards swing like a kite, doing  flips in the air!  After about twenty minutes we said, “well this is not good.”  So we started to walk home and it was a super long walk.   It had to be at least 12 miles plus it was baking hot!  So we started to walk and we got very tired very quickly.   I kept hoping my mom would  come around the corner and pick us up so we didn’t have to walk any farther!  Once we had been walking for over an hour, we reached a hill.  I said,  ” oh no I don’t want to climb that!”  Just as I said that my mom came around the corner and picked us up.  We told her how horrible it was and she took us home.

Easton 😀


Hi writers!  Today I am going to describe the feeling of running for me.  I run through the forest, I feel my heart beating inside my chest.  I run at my own speed, running and running.  When I start to run, I just want to keep on going. I see the gravel twist and turn as I go by, I see the ground is a blur . I love the competition and the passion  for the sport.  It is one of the best addictions in my life.  I love the pounding and the shortness of breath that it gives me, the special feeling of freedom!  Those are the feelings that it gives me.  Writers, do you like to run or do something active?  I run because I know that I can’t be stuck on this computer like a BUM!  People in this world need to have the joy of running and experience the happiness of doing it.  I don’t like to walk around and watch people get bigger and bigger and become unhealthy. Its horrible, I feel bad for those people and I hope they get active really soon.   I know they can do it!  These are the words that I don’t want people to be saying.   I can’t do it!
I want every one to stay happy and keep on blogging!

My Brothers Injury

Hi Reader.  Today I am talking about my brothers injury, I was just hanging out with my friend. When I got home a heard the story. He was watching my Mom getting some needles, then he just passed out!  He landed on his face, and he got a cut on his lip from his braces and a goose egg.  He ended up have a huge lump and a concision  and a black eye! I was really worried  about him because he was in so much pain. I hoped he was okay, but then he felt like he was going to barf.  The next day he had such a bad black eye he could barley look out of it!  As the day went on he started to do better, even though every one is very worried about him.  At the end of the day ( that is now ) he is fine and he is feeling better.  I really hope he does not do that again and I hope he has no more injury’s  this year.


My Birthday Was Today

I know lately I have been talking a lot about my birthday.  It’s just because I was so excited and very very happy about it!  It was today and it was very fun.  I enjoyed it lots. I had my friends with me and I had a blast.  First we went to a rope swing that hangs from a tree.   It was very “epic”.  I was first to jump off the rope and many of my friends were scared but I told them it was fine.  After I got bored of that I tried some fishing off the boat and on my second cast I caught a huge fish! I was like “wow” that’s awesome because my fishing rod end was bouncing like crazy!  Everyone was very excited  about the fish.   When we finished with the rope swing we went tubing.   It was fun every one liked that one!  After tubing we went to the dock and  tied up the boat.   We  started a fire, roasted our hot dogs  and after we ate we went swimming. I was having  a good time swimming when my Mom said its time to go home and eat cake.   My friends and I went back to my house and we ate the cake, ( it was good ) then went swimming in my pool. I lost track of time when we were in the pool and before you knew it, it was time to drive them home.  It was a great day today! Trust me.


My Birthday Is So Close!

Hi.  It’s so close to being my birthday party and I’m getting really excited .  All my friends are going to be there and we will have a BLAST!  I hope the party will go smoothly and we will all have fun.  I don’t want to disappoint my friends, even though I know they will have fun going tubing!  It’s just two days  until my party and I’m getting excited.  I wonder whats it’s going to be like.  I just went shopping with my mom and  picked up all the stuff for the party such as POP ,CHIPS, CANDY and Hot dogs .  My dad has tuned up the boat, it is ready to go and its going to be fun.  When my friends come I am going to greet them, then invite them inside and get something to eat.  I really can’t wait!  What do you do on your birthday?