Favorite Dessert! :)

Yummie Gummies!My favorite dessert is a special thing my Grama makes called Worms & Dirt! It may sound gross but it is good. Do you want to now how to make this wonderful dessert? If so here is how you make it. Step 1 is to get  lot of cookies it does not matter what type, then you crush them up so it looks like dirt.Step 2 get some jello. When it is ready put it in a cup with the crushed cookie, and put the jello on top, but do not mix it because you want it to be layered so it looks cool. Step 3 is the fun part you get to add the worms make sure they are sticking out so it is noticeable and sprinkle more crush cookies on    it so it  looks like the worms are sticking out of the dirt , “and then you have it Worms and Dirt”
Easton 🙂
Picture by:realeyez

5 thoughts on “Favorite Dessert! :)

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  2. hi my names is jake and you like pizza just as much as I do and dessert is ice cream for me and cool blog by the way.

  3. Hi Easton, my favourite food would be steak and I don’t really know what my favourite dessert would be. My favourite kind of pizza is cheese, what is your favourite kind of pizza?

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