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the hardy boys

Hi today I’m going to talk about a book series  I have been reading for the last couple of weeks! The book is called ” The Hardy Boys. before I tell you about the book I want to let you know what type of book it is. I’m going to tell you if it is  a comedy or Advancers  book. Well it is kind of like advancers  and very exciting. Ok now I can tell you about the book. The main characters, are two teenage brother’s that are under cover agents.   They can crack a case in a snap of a finger. they help protect people.  They live in a small town and work all over the world, they work for a team called ATAC witch stands for American teens against crime. . There names  are  Joe and frank hardy, and yes they are brothers . In this book #8 they are trying to figure out who is trying to murder a Young teen  pop star. The young pop star is Beginning to get 10 death threats, one at a time until  the mystery is over. At the end of the book it is very  surprising  who is responsible for the threats. they go to  los Angeles to find Ms.vee before its to late! I suggest this book to people who like to get surprised and who like to get very excited.

Easton 😀 🙂

auther Franklin W. Dixon.
picture by: Douqww

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