My Widgets

HI readers.  If you did not noticed the new widgets I put up the  other days, well you know now!  I have been looking for some really great Widgets lately.  I have found some and they are really cool!  I was just wondering if any of you know some good ones? I am really enjoying them too!   One I am looking for is a mouse widget and it follows the mouse…  Also I would like you guy to pick witch widget of mine you like . I would like to see some of the widgets you tried out as well! I have a favorite widget on my page.  It ha to be the Turtle ( Joe Joe ) and My Elf ( Smurf the Elf ).  They are just so COOL!  I want you readers to know that I will not make them a big Distraction .  It would make it so that you would not be focusing on the writing and what I am saying to you.  The Widgets might be cool, but keep on reading because I love to get comments 😀 . I also love to get feed back on my writing and what you want to hear more of. I am afraid to say this is the end of my post, please come back and read my other post’s.  C’ya

Eastonh4 😀 😀