Love The Way You Lie

Hi Readers.  Today I am going to talk about Eminem & Riannah. I love both of their voices .  Eminem Has had very bad problems as a rapper.   He has been on drugs and been in trouble with the law.  He had trouble with his loved ones as well, it is not easy to be him.  I listen to his new song lately and its about him getting off drugs and starting    new.  His new song is called ” I’m not afraid “.  Riannah has done many & many songs such as:  Take a Bow ,  Cry , S.O.S.  In this song you might notice that it is about a couple, that are having some problems together.  I didn’t want to put on the real video because it is really inappropriate !  I like this ]song because it is very powerful to me.  It is sad and exciting  at the same time!  Eminem can rap like you can’t believe, he can make you cry then make you dry your eyes at the Exact second .  Eminem makes me  want to rap as well, rapping is really fun for me.  For people who has not tried it before, you should try it.  Its like your singing  and you can let your emotion out .