Where I Live!!

clustrmap_july_11_2008-300x115I live in a bComo Glacier Sunset by paulhamibeautiful place called the Comox Valley. The Comox Valley has lots of trees and we are close to lakes and  rivers. The Comox Valley is a big tourist  attraction, but it is still very quiet.

We have lots of arenas and there is lots of skating and hockey! We also have lot of walking and biking trails. One of my favorite place to walk down to is the harbor, where there are fish and chips restaurants. Sometimes we have lots of rain, that is why we have really big trees and plants.

Our beach is very fun to go to, you can  go sailing, boating and  skim boarding. Comox is a great place to go for nature parks and sight seeing, we have lot of birds such as the seagulls, eagles, blue herons etc! As you can see we have lots of fun!

Easton 🙂

Image: Comox Glacier by paul ham

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